No-nonsense approach.
Weapons, Grappling & Groundwork,
Streetwise, Combat-Effective
Martial Arts.

self defence

2024 update

Training will resume on Monday 15th of April, for both the kid's and main classes.

Why Bac Fu Do?

  • One on one training for all students.
  • No joining or monthly fees, only one training fee.
  • Senior instructors with over 30 years Kung Fu experience
    and taught by Grandmaster for 10 Years.
  • For over 20 Years, Bac Fu Do Kung Fu has been a Central Queensland AKWF Registered School. Member No. 4026
  • Accredited & Registered Female and Male Instructors
  • All instructors are Blue Card Holders.
  • Private lessons available.

What is Bac Fu Do?

Bac Fu Do is a combination of both Northern and Southern styles of Kung Fu. Simultaneous blocks and attacks are favoured, as it is believed that this reduces an opponent's chances of reacting to and countering the attack. Since Bac Fu Do uses a "soft" blocking system, power can be channeled into the attacking technique.

Much emphasis is placed on the importance of breathing techniques. Breathing becomes natural and deep, timing becomes instinctive, fluidity and rapidity of physical movement becomes directly linked to mental fluidity and rapidity of thought - to think is to act - and that which was once practiced without complete understanding is revealed.

There are many styles of Kung Fu but all teach that technique must become a reflex. Effective self-defence training relies heavily on the development of mind/body reflexes. You do not have time to think in a fight, but must react without conscious thought to avoid defeat. The only way to gain mind / body reflexes is by repetitive, serious training in basic techniques, paying the utmost regard to the basic principles of your training.

Come and see for yourself - First lesson is free.

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